Fleckvieh Cheese

Fleckvieh Boerdery is not only a working farm and Guestfarm, no! We make our own cheese here on Fleckvieh Boerdery with the milk of the Fleckvieh breed. It is scientifically proven that Fleckvieh milk has the higest amounts of CLA and Omega-3, as well as higher occurrency of the A2-A2 Beta-Casein that most other dairy breeds...

 CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

CLA is best known for its anti-cancer properties, also reduces the risk for cardiovascular disease, help fight inflammation, arthritis and reduce body fat." 

Omega-6/Omega-3 ratio 

The ratio in Fleckvieh milk is closest to 1:1, which is ideal. 

A2-A2 Beta-Casein 

More than 70% of Fleckvieh milk consist of the A2-A2 Beta Casein which is similar to that of human and goats milk. The milk of most other cattle breeds consist of A1 type of Beta-Casein. 


Fleckvieh night milk has very high levels of the natural sleeping hormone Melatonin. A glass of Fleckvieh milk at bedtime could reduce sleeping problems. 

What is the A2 beta casein in milk all about? 

 A1 and A2 Beta-Casein are the genetic variants of the beta-casein milk protein with different chemical structures. The A1 and A2 Beta-casein only differ by one amino acid and digests differently to each other in the human intestinal tract. For this reason people that are lactose intollerance can drink Fleckvieh milk because of the A2 Beta-casein in the milk that digests easier. 
The A2 Beta-casein is estimated to be the original form of the beta-casein of thousends of years ago. Because of mutation the A1 beta-casein was spread through the diary cattle’s. Traditional cattle breeds such as the yak, water buffalo and zebu still produce A2 Beta-casein milk. 
The Cheese making started as a small hobby. We attended the annual South African Cheese and wine Festival since 2009 and won each year up until 2018 for the best stand. Our Cheese got very popular, very fast in the Overberg district. On this moment we only produce cottage cream cheese, which is a mix between a cottage cheese and a cream cheese, this gives our cheese that unique texture and taste that all our clients adore. 
Now that you know the secrets of our Cheese, don’t hesitate to order your fresh Handmade Fleckvieh Cottage Cream Cheese.